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Triptrigram DisLodge

Secret Dispatches of Choronzon

Current Events & Secret Dispatches
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This is a "comm-unity" solely for the use of members of the Choronzon music project; if you are viewing this and not one of them, but find it insteresting, you should not be. Instead, please mail monde@choronzon.org and she will direct you to where to go to see/hear/feel what this project does and also discuss it with you if so desired. But you cannot join this community unless you're one of us.
333, 418, aesthetic shock tactics, apotheosis, audio production, chaos, choronzon, communication experiments, cryptovox, effectuation, feedback, feedfront, feedsideways, genre creation, hallucination, hallucinography, metapantheism, panic pandemic, pranks, psionic fields, psychedelic reprogramming, reverse social engineering, secret underground base, word/sound/image, xeno, zax