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Triptrigram DisLodge

EYES ONLY - and likely, Not Yours.

9/9/09 03:33 am - xeno_choronzon - EYES ONLY - and likely, Not Yours.

The Triptrigram DisLodge is a private community for members of the Choronzon project.

If you've somehow stumbled here unknowingly - or knowingly - you may comment for possible inclusion on the watch-lists for the personal journals of its members.

DO NOT "COMMENT TO BE ADDED" here, because you will not be. This community is by invite only and invites are only extended to active participants.

Since if you're here, it's likely due to your having interest in The Namesake...please mention in your comment what this interest is, so you can be properly parsed. It's not that we want to turn you away, just shunt you to where you can find out what's going on here from your side of the curtain. So to speak.

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