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Effect Affect

9/10/06 09:50 pm - mesila - Effect Affect

Goodness but it looks like C-East has a plateful of stuff to do but it also seems the energy has struck you, so I've uploaded several unfinished tracks from Effect Affect - you know where to find them.

- "That's Right" is going to be the backdrop for one of those Palast/Biafra tracks and contain a few words from me about why it's stupid to call the enemy the Radical Right, since they're neither. I've had that bee in my bonnet for some time now; this is the perfect opportunity to let that buzz. The cryptovox was totally accidental.

- I really like "Delusion of Security"; there's a sort of companion piece with a similar structure in a different chord and slower called "Security of Delusion." What is it with me and turning things around? It's one reason I loved "Complicity Simplexity" so much.

- "Apotheosis", "Take" and "Flaw of the Whole" have lyrics - the latter two more or less finished and the first I have down but am still dickering with. Some people write words then put music to them and I do it backwards.

- I sort of picture Effect Affect as Choronzon's Love's Secret Domain. I want this to be the sort of album people can trip to. There's a couple of "hard" tracks but I'm keeping the politics off this album (obviously not off the tracks for the contest - I'm doing two of them.)

- I want to use this on the cover as it was part of an actual Effectuation. I call the work we do the actuality of ritual and I don't push bunk product; this was part of Saturday's Effectuation that was done on me. Deek did this. The ritual involved creation of a "solvent" made up of negativised versions of pictures that all connected to a date in my life that carved a really bad experience into memory which was laid deeper by my being on a psychedelic at the wrong time. Choronzon instructed him to take the collage and degrade it in some way, and play it while interacting with the other participant who had another picture flashing on her desktop. The whole idea was that I'd been curious one day why I seemed to be able to effectuate change in others or across distance but not in myself. Deek postulated it was probably a matter of leverage, which actually made a huge amount of sense to me, so she was a fulcrum and he was the lever. I laid in the bedroom and Choronzon took the solvent and used it to tear loose other memory from this date so that I would stop having my actions and thoughts respond to it.

When Choronzon instructed Deek to degrade the image he made a 60 frame animated video out of it. After the effectuation was over he showed it to me. I was crying and laughing forever because he'd made this out of it and I was thinking, only Deek would think to make the ugly thing pretty. I guess you can see what it is I put up with him for. He sure puts up with a lot in me. And so does his girl friend. That they'd do this for me was kind of mind-blowing though naturally they had their own reasons as well; it was encouraged.

I hear today people all over are playing CNN Drinking Game. Every time a plane flies into a building on TV take a drink. Since I do not use alcohol or watch TV I will have to pass...

I did want to know, Emerson - speaking of video - what software do you use to make it?

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